Check out eaglefp.net

They are an Idaho based company selling services in the Timber manufacturing and distribution industry.

Matt Wilson was a great help in this project as he was able to wire frame the site on his own using publisher. I essentially copied their preferred layout as is.

As I understand it they will be looking to expand their web presence in the near future.



I have had some gravitating interest in smarthome setups. I picked up some of the x10 product stuff for transmitting and controlling devices through out your house but I don’t yet have any of the module components that actually receive and communicate to your devices like lights and appliances. Soon…

I also want to create my own interface for the system… at least some of the functions I want to be able to control and automate. I have seen some sweet stuff down with the wii. This posting got me all inspired!


Expect to see more on future attempts and setups that I explore on this.

If you have some experience I would love to get some third party insight!


I want to do something fun with barcodes. I have used this barcode.php script for many projects but they haven’t really done anything useful for me.

Here is the authors sig tag on the script and link to his resource.

PHP Barcode Image Generator v1.0 [9/28/2000]
Copyright (C)2000 by Charles J. Scheffold – cs@sid6581.net

I have also used a pear script successfully but I like this one for code39 processing.

Will start thinking about putting together a small little inventory control site. (Computer components etc… create printable barcodes for a label maker I have… maybe… I will have to see how crafty I can get with a css print style sheet and the necassary format for the print driver.)


I am so amazed at how nice and plush developers can get certain content displayed. It is just down right inspiring!


Tutorial Blogs

stumbled across this blog and found a funny comment in one of the postings.

“Javascript is to enhance ‘Graphics’ and other pretty moving stuff, because people like pretty moving stuf… like woman love shiny stuff.” – solow

Anyways back to work!


I actually don’t have any nerdy friends that like computers as much as I do. Makes things difficult when you want to go into business and need help that you can trust.


Just Deployed

Jeremy at Sherwood Garage Doors & Openers needed a quick web site put together as a start to pursuing a strong web presence.

You can now find contact information for his services at www.sherwoodgarage.com

Looking forward to working with Jeremy through the growth of this site.


Deployed Sites

Solarplain has deployed the following sites at this time.






Currently working on a few others to be deployed by year end.


I meandered across  this theme and thought it was simple and dark. I modified the color scheme just a smidge so it matches the Solarplain yellow and black scheme. Props out to http://imotta.cn


First Posting

I anticipate this to be the first of many postings here. I have hopes of success and fortune for Solarplain and any of it’s future associates.

Shane Saviers